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The StUB for Herzogenaurach

With more than 25,000 inhabitants, Herzogenaurach is the largest city in the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt. In addition to small and medium-sized businesses, it is home to large global companies: Schaeffler, adidas and PUMA provide well over half of the jobs in Herzogenaurach. Many of the employees drive to Aurachstadt from the surrounding towns and villages every day. Traffic jams, exhaust fumes and streets jammed with parked cars: In order to counteract the constantly growing car traffic, an attractive, rail-based public transport connection is needed – the StUB. It ensures relaxed, comfortable and fast trips to the office, for shopping or in your free time.

Stops along the route

Where does the Stadt-Umland-Bahn stop in Herzogenaurach?

So far, a total of seven stops are planned in Herzogenaurach. However, the number and location could still change during the dialogue and planning phase:

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  • Haundorf
  • Herzo Base/adidas
  • Zeppelinstraße
  • PUMA Way
  • Rathgeberstraße
  • Schaeffler Osttor
  • Herzo center

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Travel time

How long does the journey with the StUB take?

Based on previous planning, we have calculated the travel times for the following connections for you:

Herzo Base/adidas – Erlangen Hauptbahnhof/central station

Herzo center – Erlangen Hauptbahnhof/central station

=> 13 minutes

=> 20 minutes

How will the people of Herzogenaurach benefit from the StUB?

  • Whether quickly to the office or to go shopping: The StUB will connect Erlangen and Herzogenaurach every 10 minutes.
  • The Stadt-Umland-Bahn offers workers in Herzogenaurach a fast and comfortable public local transportation connection: The three large companies Schaeffler, adidas and PUMA will be directly accessible by tram, as will large parts of the residential areas.
  • With the StUB, Herzogenaurach will have a rail connection. This increases the attractiveness of the business location and helps to secure it permanently. 
  • The Stadt-Umland-Bahn will reduce car traffic in the city. This will ensure more clean air and therefore a better quality of life in Herzogenaurach.
  • The Park & Ride facilities along the route are an important part of the StUB planning. This will significantly reduce parking pressure in the city and especially at the large companies.
  • As a sustainable means of transport, the StUB can run on 100% green electricity. It will thereby make an extremely important contribution to achieving local climate objectives.

The entire route

The StUB will connect Nuremberg, Erlangen, Herzogenaurach and also the villages east of Erlangen. Star­ting point is „Am Wegfeld“, the northernmost stop of the Nuremberg tram system.

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The next steps

Planning for what is currently the largest tram line project in Germany is in full swing. You can find out what we are doing now and how our schedule will continue.

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